Exciting Things To Do in Kaza

February 12,2021

Exciting Things To Do in Kaza

Looking for a getaway from daily life? Plan your vacation to Kaza, enough can’t be said about the beauty, charm, and tranquility of the place. The snow-laden mountains, clear waters, peaceful skies, winding roads – all add to the beauty of the place. Besides the natural beauty, Kaza has so many wonderful things to do. Here’s our list of exciting things to do in Kaza -


The best way to explore Spiti is to go trekking in Kaza and its neighboring areas. The Key Monastery, Kibber, Dhankar, Chandratal Lake, and more are all trekking zones that are guaranteed to blind you with their beauty. The stunning views and adventurous routes will keep you thrilled throughout. And if you are trekking in the months of July and August, you can also attend the extremely entertaining Ladarcha Fair, hosted in Kaza.


Camping under the canopy of clear sky and million stars is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can ever feel. May to October is the best season for camping as the weather is not harsh and temperatures are not nail-biting. Apart from Kaza, Chandratal Lake and Kunzum La Pass are also amazing camping sites. You can combine camping with other activities such as trekking, bird watching, biking, and more.

Star Gazing:

Everybody loves stars. We do too! Don’t you? Star Gazing is something that is so surreal. You can just lie down on the roof or the lawn, and look up at the sky to watch tiny things shining and spreading lights of hope, peace, and happiness. Just imagine! When in Kaza, take time out for stargazing because this is something you don’t want to miss.


Kaza and its vicinities are meant to be photographed. The clear water of the lakes, admirable towns, winding mountainous roads, snow-laden peaks, rugged landscapes, plants, animals, and everything else – there is no dearth of subjects for the photographers. Pack your cameras and get going! Take those beautiful shots, upload them on your social media handles, and bless your feed with the rarest beauty.


If you love water sports, you should definitely go rafting in the cold waters of River Spiti. Don’t worry, lifeguards will accompany you while you raft in the waters. This is a very common water sport of the Himalayan regions. Let yourself completely be immersed in the experience! Note that you can raft between 9 am to 5 pm only.

Ride along the Treacherous Roads:

Do you know that Kaza has the world’s most dangerous roads? If you are a thrill-seeker, don’t miss out on taking a ride on these treacherous roads. What’s special about these roads is that they are not laid using tar but are cut through rocks and tunnels. You’ll need to rent a bike with tires that suit the terrain. It is going to be an exciting experience. All the best!!

Visiting the Monasteries:

‘Agar ye nahi kiya to kya kiya?’ (If you don’t do this, did you even do something?) Kaza has a fair number of monasteries. The peace and serenity that prevails here are infectious. It is always nice to spend some time visiting monasteries, studying their architecture, murals, and paintings. Or you can simply listen to chants of the lamas and meditate for a while. You will feel peace and harmony with yourself, away from the maddening noises.


Though there are no big malls in Kaza, that doesn’t mean you can’t take any souvenirs. This little town is famous for its woolen shawls and garments. You can also find some pretty woven carpets, local jewelry, stone gems, and ceramic utensils. The best spots for shopping are the government-run handloom centers and cooperative shops.

Tasting Local Cuisines:

You must taste the Indian and Tibetan cuisine to warm your souls. The local cuisines are full of flavors. For example, a bowl of hot noodles packed with veggies is nothing less than a delicacy here. And you can’t miss out on Thupkas and Momos. Some of the popular eateries are Taste of Spiti, The Himalayan Café, Sol Café, and more.

There are so many other things that you can do while in Kaza such as chilling by the riverside, stacking the wishing stones, taking a stroll in the villages, exploring the flora and fauna, interacting with the locals, and more. So, when are you planning to visit Kaza? Let us know in the comments.

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