Did you go on these Spiti trek tours?

July 27,2021

Did you go on these Spiti trek tours?

By: Ankit Mehra

Imagine yourself at a place that seems like a desert, which is utterly cold in winters, at an altitude of more than 4000 meters above sea level. This vast unending hilly terrain has secrets residing in it in the form of Lakes that could be related as a mirage.

Yet they are real. Beautiful turquoise lakes ensemble with the contrasting low vegetative hills, glimmering to surprise you.

Sounds magical and surreal. Isn’t it?

These beautiful lakes do exist in the desolated hills of Spiti valley soliciting the adventure seekers to unlock the treasure chest of mesmerizing beauty.

Many of you might have explored the fascinating Spiti valley by road. But this call is for the people who like to know the land in its raw form. This populace is well-known as trekkers who love to tour the untrodden paths on foot.

Are you that thrill seeker?

Indeed you are!

That’s why you are here to know about the utmost beautiful trekking tours in Spiti.

Let us give you an insight!

Go to the MOON by not being on the moon over this trekking tour to Chandratal Lake

Chandratal’ – the name itself chimes thesoliloquy!

The crescent moon shaped lake is the gift a trekker gets on reaching the shores of the water body. The surrealism of the beauty of the lake faints the trekkers into another world, which seems unrealistic.


You could feel the vibes of Buddha in the quietness of the surroundings having a dearth of living beings, yet truly able to connect you to your soul.

How can you do this trekking tour?

  • The best way to start this hike would be from Manali as in comparison to Kinnaur, it is less susceptible to landslides.
  • Check out our tour packages to Manali.
  • After visiting the Hadimba temple and other local sightseeing locations in Manali, you need to drive to Keylong, which is quite necessary, especially for the novice trekkers to familiarize themselves with the climatic conditions.
  • After a stay in Keylong, the next day on the trekking tour you would be driving to Batal – the base camp of the amazing trek to Chandratal Lake.
  • The best time to do this trek is from mid of June to mid of October. After that Rohtang pass gets closed due to heavy snowfall.
  • From Batal, the Lake is around 18 km. it will take 5-6 hrs to reach it.
  • Enjoy the night at a campsite near the Lake. We bet that you never ever have seen such a clear sky studded with stars! ✨✨✨
  • Return the next day to Manali via Rohtang pass and Chatru village.

That’s all for one sought-after trek.

But Wait. There is one more!

Dhankar Lake trekking tour – A worthy offbeat hike

The two top most things that come to mind listening to the word Dhankar are ‘The enticing lake’ and the precariously built monastery on the offshoots of a cliff.

The lake has an olden stupa along its side where visitors usually offer their prayers. Moreover, the most offbeat fact about this lake is that it changes color when you view it from different angles—sometimes blue and other times green.

The lake has been encapsulated by the willow and polar tree. Additionally, it proffers a magnificent view of the naked mountains topped white snow.

Do you know what could be more enthralling for you?

Having a glimpse of the Himalayan Ibex!

A few consider that as a stroke of good luck.

Ok! We know you want to eagerly know how the Lake trek could be traversed.

  • There are two ways to reach Dhankar village. From where the 60-90 minutes challenging trek starts
    • Manali to Dhankar village via Rohtang Pass and Kunzum Pass, which is about 236 Km.
    • From Shimla to Dhankar Village via Kinnaur district. It is about 410 km.
  • Although, you can take your car. But, it is advisable to hire a taxi to Dhankar because of many reasons involved.
  • It is advisable to visit the lake in the summers. That is from April’s end or early May till September.
  • The temperature during the above months would range between 5-20 degrees Celsius, which is pleasant to enjoy outdoor.

Let’s sum it up with some essentials you need to take care of on a trek

Of course, you need to prepare yourself for the trek. Without preparation, the trek could turn lethal!

1. Peace of mind

2. Strength and stamina to do trek mentally.

3. Basic toiletries

4. Trek shoes, so that you can easily hike

5. Sufficient water to keep you hydrated

6. Some munchies to keep you energetic. Keep some protein and carbohydrate bars

7. Trek pole in case needed

8. Light weight clothes (depending upon trek location)

9. Rain coat

10. Travel bag

11. Extra pair of clothes in case you get wet

12. Basic medicines

13. Torch

14. Moisturizer

15. Last not least – Tissues and toilet papers. You would require that to ease yourself.

Wish you the best for the exciting and enthralling trek!

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